You really sell your items for just $5.50??

YES I do! $5.50 includes you taxes too! Its so affordable, so load up or buy through out the year! Paparazzi is perfect for all ages. There are so many styles, colors and designs that you can shop and shop until you're satisfied.

Is your jewelry lead and/or nickel free?

Yes, all our jewelry is lead and nickel free. It is not considered hypoallergenic because people are sensitive to different types of metal. If you have bought our earrings and you have noticed some sensitivity, try putting a coat of clear nail polish on the earring hook (the part that goes through the ear). It will put a layer of protection on the earring and should make the sensitivity go away. The sames goes with the rings. A clear coat of nail polish on the inside of the band should stop the sensitivity.

Is there a catalog?

No, there are no catalogs. The reason there are no catalogs is because Paparazzi is constantly changing inventory. What you see in my collection will be completely different with another consultant or party. You can look at our product by clicking on the "Accessories" tab. The pictures shown may not be in stock because of the constant parties or "stop by's" that I get. I do try to keep this as "up to date" as I can.  If there is something you are interested in, please email me with the picture number and a description of the product. I can then look at my inventory to see if I have it.

Can I order online?

Currently, you cannot order products online. Paparazzi is set up to be an at home party company. You can come directly to my house to purchase items and take them home the same day. HOST A PARTY and you can earn FREE accessories.

I purchased an item from a party and it broke. What can I do?

I have a 60 day return policy. If you have anything that has broke or tarnished within the 60 days of your purchase, please let me know! In most cases I will be able to fix the necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Most of them are just jump rings. All jewelry (high and low end) are made with jump rings. Sometimes during transportation from party to party, the jump rings can come loose or undone. As far as tarnishing goes, I will let you pick a new item from my inventory as long as it is within the 60 days. Items that I have bought for myself have not tarnished. I have been selling for 1 year.

Do you have fun selling Paparazzi and are you successful?

YES!!! I love selling Paparazzi!

I decided to sell this product because I wanted to buy it at a discount price for myself and my family. It is super cute stuff, affordable, and great for all ages. Doing this fun job allows me to have fun, make my own schedule, and make money…all at the same time.

When I decided to sell Paparazzi Jewelry to my already fun-filled schedule, I was not sure I was prepared for my Paparazzi business to take off so quickly. I have friends call on a Friday before they head out for a date night, to come and buy a piece of jewelry to match a new outfit. Church friends will call me Saturday asking to see what I have that they can wear for Sunday. I do house parties too, hostesses love free jewelry!! My favorite parties are when you will have a grandmother, mother, and daughter all come together. It is great to watch them all decide what looks best on each other. I love it when I get "the emergency" need of a hair clip or necklace call from someone who admits she is almost to my house, and do I mind if she comes by.

Where are your items made?

Our items are made in China, just like all the other jewelry at Kohl's, Target, Shopko and Walmart. The owners of Paparazzi go to China twice a year to hand pick beads and chains to use for their jewelry. Paparazzi also designs their own jewelry so you won't find anything like our items. Paparazzi has seen the warehouse and the workers and have assured us that there are no minors working on Paparazzi jewelry and accessories. They want us to have the best quality and have made sure that everything is done to Paparazzi's standards. Once our items are made in China, they are then shipped to our Corporate office in Hurricane, Utah and then distributed (by orders) to consultants. As a consultant, I purchase items at a wholesale price (what it cost to make the items).